Your supplier in seafood from Iceland

Selta is a brand new straight from the oven seafood company that is sending quality seafood from the cold and sometime harsh weather in Iceland to the world.

Leaving the island both fresh with airfreight and frozen in container you can find delicatessen like cod sperm and liver among other products.

About the company

A responsible fisheries is not only a question of sustainability of stocks we fish from. It is also a responsibility to produce as much as we can for the human kind.

Selta is founded by Armann Kr. Olafsson who is former member of the parliament. Armann has also background in the Ministry of fisheries as a special advisor to the minister of Fisheries for seven years. One of his project was to prepare official label for responsible fisheries management in Icelandic waters. With his background and experience he knows what responsibilities means for the world´s future.

Our local brand

Selta is selling beautifully packed ready to BBQ seasoned Arctic Charr in local stores in Iceland under the brand name UNUN.

For more information contact:

Name: Armann Kr. Olafsson - Manager
Tel.: +354 412 5912

Name: Thorleifur H. Ludviksson - Sales manager
Tel.: +354 412 5911


Selta ehf • Bæjarhrauni 10 • 220 Hafnarfjordur • Iceland • Tel.: +354 412 5912 •